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Below are questions we frequently receive regarding our lashes including the difference between mink and synthetic lashes, care and maintenance of false eyelashes, use and application and much more! 

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us at svdlashes@hotmail.com.   We will respond within 24 hours.

What is the difference between synthetic and mink false eyelashes?

Faux mink is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, gives a feather like look and can blend effortlessly with your own lashes. They can be curled like real human hair, and can be worn up to 25 times with the right love and care. Faux mink eyelashes are considered a premium high end product when compared with synthetic ones.

The main difference between synthetic and faux mink lashes is in the usage amount! Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, comfortable and easy to apply. Your soft synthetic lashes can be worn up to 15 times with the right love and care.

How long does it take to apply SVD Lashes?

On average, users of false eyelashes take less than 4 minutes to apply the lashes; this includes waiting for the glue to become tacky (we recommend you wait 30 seconds after applying the glue to the lash and then apply them to your eyes) and for the lash to set on your natural lashes. So applying your SVD Lashes should take you less than 4 minutes! Practice makes perfect!

Who can use SVD eyelashes?

You, you, and you! Everyone and anyone can use them! False lashes are suitable for anyone and are for people of all ages. They can be worn by anyone anywhere (Just not under water)

What is a pre order?

A pre order is ordering in advance, this means as soon as we have the lashes they will be sent straight away.

Is glue included?

No glue is not included but Superdurg/Boots stock cheap eyelash glue.

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